My softwares (or software contribution)

  • datavyz. A software to quickly visualize the output of your experiments and produce figures on the fly for your laboratory notebooks after an experimental session. [[… blogpost to come .. ]]
  • The RT-Neuron simulation mode in Elphy. Gérard Sadoc implemented a way to have the NEURON simulation software running besides Elphy to artificially produce electrophysiological data. My contribution has been to write the NEURON code to emulate a realistic physiological recording. This setup is incredibly useful for troubleshooting relatively complex experimental protocols (see e.g. Fig 4 in Zerlaut et al. 2016: the episodes have a duration that depends on the output firing rate, the parameter scan is made automatically so one needs to be sure that time varying parameters are accurately stored, there is a resting period between protocols, etc…). The Elphy software can be found on the UNIC lab website. My implementation can be found here (as well as all the protocols of my PhD experiments).

The open-source tools of my research workflow (that I wish to thank/share)